Build trust and loyalty with your audience

Social Media Marketing MD

  • Reach more of your target market
  • Learn your customers’ needs
  • Create a link building strategy to increase rankings
  • Stay on top of discussions about your company

How we can help

When you look up “social media marketing” on any search engine, you get pages and pages of results. It gets overwhelming pretty quick due to the abundance of social media and various widgets, tools, and techniques used to manage it. At PDR Web Solutions, we know how to get you started with a social media strategy for your business:

  1. Determine your market. We’ll help you identify the demographics of your market and develop customer profiles.
  2. Reaching your customers. Based on our research, we will identify what social media outlet(s) will work best for reaching your audience.
  3. Develop a content strategy. We will determine what type of information your audience would benefit from: tips, infographics, video tutorials, etc.

One of the goals of social media is to turn your customers into your brand ambassadors

A great share of time spent online by your customers is spent on social networks. It is an easy way to connect with friends and family, share updates about one’s life, catch up with latest news and gossip, and – quite often – to interact with brands and business pages. Social media marketing provides a great opportunity to build stronger relationships with your current customers and attract new ones:

  • Announce sales, discounts, contests, and other promotions keeping your fans engaged and interested in your brand.
  • Encourage consumer-generated content turning your customers into your brand ambassadors.
  • Provide an outlet for customer feedback, such as reviews, comments, and questions, that can be promptly addresses and managed.

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Social Media Overview

You probably have heard about Facebook and Twitter, but there’s so much more to social media! There’s still no clear definition of the term, but there are two distinctive features that make media “social.” First of all, every social medium has built-in tools that allow content sharing. Second of all, there are means for users to interact with the content and with each other. Depending on how extensive these means are, there are different types of social media:

Social Networks

These elaborate services aim to advance and extend real-life connections by allowing for high levels of customization and a large number of opportunities to share various types of content and interact with other users. This is what Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are. They give users tools to like, tag, comment, chat, send messages, and create various sub-groups and common interest communities within the network. We recommend our Maryland social media marketing clients to establish presence at least on major social networks.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Stumble Upon and Pinterest fall into this category. Such sites provide tools to organize and categorize various web pages, images, and videos creating an online catalog based on person’s interests. They often provide means for users to find like-minded people and interact with them.

Microbloging Platforms

Twitter is for sure the most popular example. The idea here is to give users a platform where they can share short updates about their daily life or any other topic. Microblogging environment is often fast-paced, so the size of updates is compensated by their number.

Social News Services

They often involve a voting system where users share links to various articles and other users vote for the most interesting or engaging content. Digg and Reddit use this model.

Media Sharing Platforms

Just like the name suggests, these platforms were created to aggregate certain types of content – typically we are talking about user-generated photos, videos or music. Such platforms are usually optimized for a single medium: YouTube is for videos and Instagram is for photos.

Blogs, Forums, and Online Communities

Yes, they are also considered social media because they allow for both interaction and content-sharing. Creating a blog for your business and encouraging conversation among your readers is a great way to build credibility with your audience.

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