Website Design

You have 2 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention…

In today’s culture, people don’t read anymore—they simply scan, hunting for clues to determine whether your website has what they are looking for. That’s why we meet with you to learn about your business, customers, and goals. We use that information to create a custom design that represents your brand and resonates with your customers. Our Baltimore web design team will help you strategically place the right information in the right places to increase your website’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Forgive us for being so inquisitive, but we need to get familiar with your business and goals before we can design a website that will generate results. Here are some of the questions you should expect us (and any other good web designer in Maryland or anywhere else) to ask you:

  • What is your business and the services/products it provides?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are your goals for the website?
  • What is your budget and timeframe?
  • What is your value proposition and what differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Do you have any specific ideas for the website?
  • Are there any websites you like and wish to incorporate similar concepts?
  • What are your branding elements: logos, slogans, color scheme?

Be prepared to answer these questions when you call us for a quote or a proposal. And if you come across web designers who take no interest in your business and customers — stay away. There is no “general public” when it comes to marketing: your website has to speak to your specific market or it will be useless.

Your business’ website is your virtual storefront that serves many purposes. Aside from representing who you are and how you can help, it answers questions, conveys trust, offers solutions and entices visitors to stick around. Your customers are online and they are looking for products and services similar to yours as you read this. The question is – will they find your business? And if the answer is “yes” – will they like what they see?

Our custom web design solutions will WOW your audience

Custom Business Website Design

Your business website is just as important as your storefront. Your prospective customers are searching for the products and services you provide and will make a decision to contact your business based on your company’s online presence. That’s why we work with you to learn about your industry, business and customers, so that we can create an attractive modern website that generates results.

Custom User Interface Design

User interface (UI) is the link between a user and your website’s content. It includes menus, tabs, buttons, sidebars, and other elements that help website visitors navigate through your website and find content they are looking for. Effective user interface design is vital to the success of your website. A clean UI design will make the system more efficient and enjoyable for the user. All the websites we design have an intuitive user-friendly UI, but if you already have a website that needs better navigation, we can fix that as well!

Custom Landing Page Design

A Landing page is a page (not necessarily connected to your website) where a user “lands” after clicking on a link. Landing pages are perfect for highlighting a certain product or service for visitors coming directly from pay-per-click ads, banner ads, social media ads and more. We create excellent landing page designs that capture visitors’ attention, encourage a specific action and increase conversions.

Our process

At PDR Web Solutions, we have our own way of doing things, which has proven effective over the years. On every step of the process, we collaborate with you, listen to your feedback and make sure you are satisfied with the outcome. Here’s how we do it:

  • Consultation: we meet with you to discuss your business, goals, target market and your design ideas. This helps us develop a website that aligns with your goals, effectively speaks to your audience and accurately represents your brand. If you already have a website, we evaluate it and look for areas that can be improved.
  • Proposal: after our meeting, we will send you a proposal outlining specific features, timeline, cost and our suggestions to help your website meet its goals.
  • Mock-up: our team will create a design mock-up to help you envision the new design and layout of your new website.
  • Development: we build your website based on the mock-up design. You receive a test link, which allows you to check on the development of your website at any moment.
  • Launch: we do a final check for errors, make necessary changes and, with your approval, publish your website!

Whether you’re located in Baltimore, Maryland, D.C., Virginia or anywhere in the U.S., contact us today to see how we can help you