If you don’t have a solid content strategy, your internet marketing efforts are doomed to fail.

Creating a results-driven content strategy will not only boost your Google rankings, it will also attract your target audience and help you build a memorable brand.  This will ultimately translate to converting more website visitors into leads!


Partnering with a Marketing Agency can Help you Develop a Killer Content Strategy

Becoming a strategic partner with PDR Web Solutions means you get better content that will help generate more leads and sales.  Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your content strategy – with our help, you’ll be much more likely to experience explosive business growth:

1.      Create and stick to a blogging editorial calendar

Blogging is an important part of a successful content strategy because it helps with SEO (Google loves fresh content!) and encourages audience engagement.

However, if you’ve ever tried to blog regularly, you already know that it can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult. Because of this, blogging is one of those tasks that is easy to push back until later.  That’s where PDR Web Solutions steps in.

We prioritize creating original, custom blogs for your website to draw in your targeted audience.  Together, we create a content calendar and stick to it. Here are some pointers for creating a blogging editorial calendar:

  • Figure out how many times per month you want to publish a new post. Keep in mind that quantity is important, but that isn’t nearly as important as quality. President and owner of PDR Web Solutions, Jonathan Passley, recommends at least one post per week. This will allow adequate time to create high-quality content that is relevant to your business and your audience.
  • Perform SEO keyword research and start brainstorming topic ideas. Make sure your topics are relevant to your audience and address the questions they’re asking. For example, this local business wanted to emphasize their catering options around the holiday season.  Try brainstorming topics that are seasonal and relevant to your audiences needs and satisfy their demands.  Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find SEO keyword opportunities that fit your audience/niche.
  • Plug your topic ideas into a calendar. PDR Web Solutions will help assign a topic to a specific day and publish each blog of its assigned day. Staying consistent will help your audience anticipate the next post!


That’s all there is to it! Remember, blogging regularly can be difficult if you don’t partner with a reputable marketing agency to handle it for you. Otherwise, your deserted blog could leave prospective customers wondering whether or not you’re still in business.

2.      Design a marketing persona to define and communicate with your audience

If you haven’t narrowly defined your audience, you’re going to have a tough time writing effective content.  PDR Web Solutions will help your business create a marketing persona that accurately represents your target audience before we ever starting talking about blogs.

In the simplest terms, a marketing persona is a mock profile that represents a member of your target audience and includes their demographics and preferences.  To start thinking about your audience, check out this blog post.

Once that persona is created, imagine that you’re marketing to that one specific person.  This will help your blog topics and content stay relevant to your target audience.


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3.      Show what makes your business unique in your content

Building a strong brand will help your business stand out in the minds of your target audience members.  To make your brand memorable, it’s critical that you show what makes your business unique. When creating your marketing persona, be thinking about the tone of voice you want displayed in your content; whether it’s your edginess, humor, creativity, or something else! Working with your marketing agency to create a Content Strategy Mission Statement can ensure your marketing persona and tone of voice stays consistent.

Standing out can be pretty scary, but what’s scarier is blending in with your competition to the point where you’re no different from them.  What that happens, your ideal customer won’t have any reason to choose you; if their minds, they can just as easily choose a different business because you’ve given them no reason to choose yours instead!


So, define a clear tone of voice and stick with it throughout your online marketing efforts.  Not everyone will like it, but that’s okay. You don’t want to work with the people who don’t like you – they aren’t part of your target audience!

4.      Use ads to generate more leads

Simply relying on social media to generate leads can be difficult. It can take a while to gain the right following online that will yield the kind of results you’re looking for. Passley has a better suggestion: ads.

Using ads on social media is a much more effective and efficient way to bring in more potential customers.  Advertising on social media doesn’t have to be costly – in fact, it can be earn you some of the cheapest, most qualified leads your business has ever seen! Here are some tips to get you started with creating ads:

  • Include images of relatable, friendly people
  • Test an odd or funny image that may require a double-take or spike the curiosity of your audience
  • Use bright, eye-catching colors that are hard to overlook
  • Write a catchy headline. Words like “Free” and including a logo will attract the users’ eyes.

5.      Use analytics to your advantage

When you and your marketing agency set up Google Analytics for your company website, you’ll gain valuable insights on what interests your visitors and how they’re finding you online.  While reading analytics reports, things can get hard to decipher. Here are some things to look for:website-results

  • Bounce Rate – High bounce rates mean that your visitors are leaving yoru website quickly, so you might need to improve your website copy. Perform A/B tests to see what decreases the bounce rate with your audience.
  • Traffic sources – Are most of your visitors finding you using Google’s search tool, social networks, or something else? Once you find out, you can adjust your content promotion strategy accordingly.
  • Traffic – Look at the data collected for your blog posts to see which ones have received the most traffic overtime. It’s likely that those topics are the most relevant to your target audience, so keep that in mind when developing your marketing persona and brainstorming new topics.

While those are important stats to look for, the most important metric you, as a business owner, can look for is Goal Conversions.  It doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets if you don’t generate new customers.

Creating “goals” (what Google Analytics calls conversions), you can track exactly what actions you want your visitors to take.  Working with PDR Web Solutions will make sure you are getting the right metrics measured on your website – we will work with your goal conversions to get proven results!

Remember, consistently producing and promoting high-quality content is crucial to internet marketing success.   

Yes, it can be tough to produce lots of good content.  But, it’s absolutely necessary if you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your business.  Having the right marketing partnership is a step in the right direction.

If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business’s marketing strategy, we’re ready to help! Contact our team today either online or by calling 410-560-7185.


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