It’s the holiday season again! It might be too early to decorate your house with Christmas lights and wreaths, but it is right about time to “dress up” your website in holiday gear. This is especially true for E-commerce websites, because many people are already shopping for gifts online.  Your website may not be able to recreate the magical mall atmosphere that involves a Christmas tree, cheery music and the smell of evergreens, but setting your website visitors in a good shopping mood is quite doable. Here is what you can do:

1. Put a Twist on Your Logo

Bath&Body Works holiday logoeBay holiday logo




The key is not to overdo! You want your logo to look festive, but still be recognizable. Santa hats, Christmas lights, gift boxes and snowmen are some of the things you can incorporate into your current logo to get it ready for the holidays.

2. Dress up Your Social Media Buttons

social media iconsThis is an easy change that can go a long way. Not only it contributes to the overall holiday theme, but also catches the eyes of your website visitors and encourages them to connect with you via social media. Icon sets are available online for free, and it will take minutes for your webmaster to perform this simple update.


3. Greet Your Web Visitors with a Festive Banner

festive banner


festive banner

4. Showcase Your Holiday-themed Products & Services

holiday-themed products
holiday-themed products

If your website is offering something related to the holidays, don’t hide it from your online visitors. It could be that perfect gift they were looking for all along! Feature your holiday-geared products on your home page and other landing pages.

5. Call Attention to the Holiday Deals

holiday dealsholiday dealsIdeally, people go to your website because they’ve already heard about your holiday specials from various media outlets or friends. However, it’s not always the case, so make sure you promote these deals on your landing pages. Use reds, whites and greens to support the theme and make the words stand out. Most popular holiday promotions are free shipping and gift wrapping, and if you are not offering them yet, give it a thought! Free shipping and on-time delivery are important factors that affect customers’ decision-making.


6. Add a “Gifts” Tab or a “Gift Guide”

gifts tabgift guide






Making your visitors’ online shopping experience less complicated and more enjoyable is the key to customer satisfaction and retention. Instead of having your customers randomly browse through your website, use a gift guide or a gift tab to direct them straight to perfect gift ideas. You can offer them top gift picks, gift sets, bestsellers, or simply suggest products for a particular age group, sex or budget. Relieving the stress of gift shopping sets you above the competition in the eyes of your customers.

7. Customize Your Virtual Gift Cards

virtual gift cardA virtual gift card is a useful and easy gift. And even though it doesn’t have a physical presence, it can deliver as much joy as its plastic counterpart. Put an effort into designing custom holiday cards and it will pay off.


8. Feature a Countdown

a countdownA countdown to Christmas, Black Friday or the end of a specific promotion creates a sense of urgency, which is a good purchase motivator.

9. Go Nuts with a Total Website Makeover

Aeropostale holiday website makeoverIf it fits into your company’s image and budget, then why not? Little touches of the holidays throughout your website will keep the visitors focused on their mission. However, it is important to keep a balance, because you don’t want your holiday décor to outshine important content.

No matter how far you decide to go with your website’s holiday look, be sure to change it back when the holidays are over. Meanwhile, if you need any help “installing” Christmas lights on your web pages, get in touch with us!