How useful are 1,000,000 monthly visits to your website if none of those visitors are contacting you for your product or service?

Whether your goal is to sell products, services or generate leads, your website conversion rate is extremely important to your website’s profitability.  A website conversion is when a visitor lands on your website and contacts you for your product or service.  A website with a poor conversion rate can cause you to lose money, leads and sales.  A website with a higher conversion rate will increase your ROI and website profitability.

Here are a few simple techniques to increasing your website conversion rate:

1. Design your website with your target audience in mind

Determine what images, verbiage, design, etc., appeals to your audience.  Speak to your website visitors correctly by designing your website for your audience.

2. Tell your audience what you want them to do

Believe it or not, people like and following directions.  Tell your customers to purchase your product/service.   Use calls to action like call now, email us now, contact us for a quote, review our testimonials etc.  This technique can sound like common sense but it is a factor that many websites forget.

3. Make your website easy to navigate

Studies show that when people are confused, their automatic reaction is NO.  This same rule applies online.  If your visitors can not find the information they’re searching for then they will leave your website and go to your competitors’.   Organize your content and menu structure (very important) so that your website visitors can easily navigate.   Display your contact information on every page so your visitors will not have to search to contact you.

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