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We Help Property Management Companies Generate More Leads and Acquire More Properties Using Online Marketing.

How many more managed units would you like to acquire per month with your property management marketing?

8 units? 14 units? 25 units? or more?

What if we could guarantee that you will accomplish your goal this year…

Well that is exactly what we do for our clients…

We specialize in online marketing for property management companies. We work with your company to generate quality leads and acquire more properties for your business.

You may have tried property management marketing before but didn’t get the results you truly wanted.

We can help…

In working with other property management companies, we’ve discovered the marketing formula that has been proven to work, in acquiring new leads and more managed units.

Property Management Marketing Company

Results From One Of Our Property Management Marketing Campaigns

5 years ago, I overheard a young business owner expressing his frustration to a friend about how his property management marketing wasn’t generating the results he wanted.

The young business owner’s name was Patrick Freeze, and he had recently started a property management company in Maryland.

His company was small… he didn’t have any employees… or an office….

…but he had a vision of growing his company into one of the major property management
companies within the area.

I spoke to Patrick that day, told him that I could help him and he later ended up becoming a client.

Then things began to change very quickly for Patrick…

My team and I focused on optimizing his website using search engine optimization (SEO) and we were able to improve his rankings within Google for the top keywords within his industry.

The phone began ringing off the hook and the leads started pouring in…

He started acquiring more and more properties…

Within 8 months he had to move his offices twice because he outgrew the space…

He was getting SO many leads and new properties that we had to pause marketing so that he could restructure his business to accommodate the influx of new customers.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped this property management company grow, as a result of our online marketing efforts.

  • They currently manage 3,000+ units
  • Employ over 60 full-time employees

The property management marketing campaign, we created for our client, generates an average of 10 leads per day for their business!
(Think about how these results would change your business…)

Over 110 keywords ranked on the first page of Google
Over 3.7k Leads from SEO and Google AdWords within 12 months

Here are a few screenshots of Bay Property Management’s results:

Bay Property Results One
Property Management Marketing Results

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We focus on marketing that works… and we guarantee our results

We’ve witnessed other marketing companies provide disappointing results for property management companies by suggesting unnecessary and ineffective marketing tactics, not investing enough time and resources, all because those marketing companies are more focused on their own sales versus delivering real results for their clients.

We are different.

At PDR, we limit the amount of clients we work with, so that all of our property management marketing campaigns
receive the attention needed to achieve the results our clients want.

We manage all of your online marketing and implement a marketing strategy specifically for your business.

The value we bring to your property management company is similar to having your own personalized marketing department. We are all on the same team, working towards achieving your sales and growth goals.

Marketing Services We Manage For Your Property Management Company

Search Engine Optimization for Property Managers

Search Engine Optimization for Property Managers

With years of experience managing search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for successful property management companies throughout the nation, we’ve developed a solid, holistic, and proven strategy to help your business.

We know who to target, how to target them, and how to convert them into customers.

But first…

Let’s Start with The Top Benefits of Property Management SEO

  • Reach new clients through improved search engine rankings
  • Attract leads 24/7
  • Acquire more rental units
  • Build your reputation as a property management expert
  • Maximize your ROI
  • And more!
Carefully Crafted Content Strategy For Property Management Marketing Campaign

Carefully Crafted Content Strategy

Engaging, relevant content is crucial for any business looking to earn the attention and trust of their customers – and is especially true when it comes to attracting property owner clients.

We develop content that speaks directly to property owners’ concerns and highlights the benefits your property management company provides to help them achieve their business goals.

We also publish a weekly blog for you, resulting in numerous benefits, such as:

  • Increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website
  • Informing and building trust with both tenants and property owners
  • Keeping your website content fresh/updated
  • Increasing your chances of ranking for a variety of new search terms
  • Demonstrating that you are an authority in the property management industry
Gain Competitive Advantage with your property management marketing

Gain Competitive Advantage

If you are in a competitive rental market, a solid SEO strategy is crucial in order for your business to stand out and attract new customers.

From creating copy that makes your website stand out in search results to improving your exposure around the web, we outperform your competition in every way.

We also pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and Google guidelines, so you can be confident that you’ll always stay ahead of your competition.

Technical SEO Improvements

Technical SEO Improvements

Google’s robots are smart, but they do need some help along the way.

By optimizing your site’s code with proper structure and markup, we ensure all of your site’s content is indexed quickly and frequently
by Google.

And speaking of speed…

We’re constantly optimizing your site so that it loads as quickly as possible, which is an important ranking factor in Google today.

Additional Services We Offer

Technical SEO Improvements

Technical SEO Improvements

As a Google Partner, we have a proven track record in using paid advertising to effectively generate quality leads that result in new managed properties for our clients.

We first begin by suggesting a budget based on what your competitors are spending. Most property management marketing companies won’t tell you (or don’t know), that an under-budgeted ad campaign will have a difficult time in gaining enough momentum to see tangible results.

An under-budget ad campaign is similar to throwing money in the furnace… and that is something we do not want you to do. We incorporate phone call and website form tracking into our marketing campaigns, so we know exactly what elements in your campaign, contribute to acquiring new leads. This allows us to also monitor the quality of the leads, so we can make the necessary adjustments throughout the campaign to maximize your return on investment.

Included in your advertising campaign, we create landing pages within your website, strategically designed to convert more of your website visitors into quality leads.

Reputation & Review Management

Reputation & Review Management

Maintaining a positive brand and review rating online can be challenging for property management companies.

Out of 1000 tenants, 990 who are happy seem to never leave reviews…

…but the 10 tenants who were upset that you didn’t respond to their request within 60 seconds, are more than happy to leave a negative review.

We help you take a proactive approach in maintaining a positive reputation online with Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.

Our Growth Process For Your Property Management Company

Unlike most property management marketing companies, we implement a different marketing strategy to grow your business depending on the size of your business and goals.

Whether you currently manage 200 units, 500 units 800 units or more, we know what it takes to help you get to the next level so you can continually grow your business.

Our property management marketing strategies work best for property managers who want to quickly grow and dominate their market.

To sum it up… we work with property managers who want to win.

If this sounds like you, then contact us. We would love to work with you to accomplish your goals and help you become the next success story we brag about!

Tracking The Results Of Your Marketing Campaign

Implementing a property management marketing campaign for your business without tracking the results or knowing the return on your investment is a waste of money.

How do you know if your marketing is profitable if you don’t how many leads are being generated from each website traffic source, the cost to acquire each lead and at which rate do those leads convert into sales?

That’s why with all of our property management marketing campaigns we track the results that are important for the growth of your business.

We monitor and report the following to you:

Leads generated from each website traffic source. Whether it’s from SEO, ads, social media or another source, we track the leads generated from each.

The cost to acquire leads – We calculate for you, the average cost to acquire a lead from each online traffic source.

The quality of leads and which leads converted into sales – We listen to all of the phone calls generated from our marketing campaigns (you will have access as well) and read the contact forms submitted from your website so that we know the quality of leads that are being generated from our efforts.

Each month we meet with you to review the leads and together we determine which leads have converted into sales.

Generating a positive ROI on your marketing investment is very important for us. That is why we go above and beyond in working with you to ensure our property management marketing campaigns are growing your business and helping you achieve your goals.

Why we are proud to provide a guarantee on our marketing results

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our property management marketing

Why should you be the only one at risk?

We believe, your property management marketing company (us) should have some skin in the game as well.

You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store pay the cashier and hope you get groceries…
Marketing services should be the same thing…

When you invest into marketing your property management business, your expected outcome is to acquire more managed properties and grow your business.

So if we don’t deliver the results you want, then you didn’t get what you paid for.

If we are marketing experts and have 10+ years in experience, then we should be confident in being able to generate results for our clients…

…and we are.

That’s why we include a guarantee on property management marketing services….
…and our services are on a monthly agreement.

We want our results to be the reason why you stay with us for years, not because of a contract.

If you want to acquire more leads & managed properties with online marketing, then let’s setup a phone call to discuss how we can help you….

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really offering a guarantee? How does it work?

Yes it’s a real guarantee. We discuss with you the results you want and we both agree on a reasonable time to accomplish your desired goals. If we do not achieve those results for you, then we return 50% of what you paid us.

You won’t find many property management marketing companies that are willing to do this.

How long are your marketing contracts?

Our marketing agreements are on a month-to-month basis. You are free to cancel at any time. We want our results to be the reason why you stay, not because of a contract.

How are you different from other property management marketing companies?

We realize that we’re not the only marketing company that provides services for property management companies…

We specialize in helping established property management companies who want to quickly grow their business.

If you’re just getting started or only have a few managed properties, then we may not be the best fit for your company.

We work closely with your business, similar to having your own personalized marketing department, in implementing an online marketing strategy specific to your business and goals you want to achieve.

We operate as an extension of your business.

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