It is fairly clear how a shoe retailer can benefit from having a website. However, when it comes to brick-and-mortar and other service businesses, these benefits are not always recognized. Here are a few reasons why the investment in a website for a service business will pay off.

Be different

The fact that not every service business owner realizes the importance of having a website is the reason why you should get one. A website will set you apart from and will let you get ahead of your competition.

Be informative

Even though your service website is not e-commerce based and can’t directly sell anything, it’s still a powerful sales tool. It provides accurate information about your business 24/7, while your employees only work 8 to 5 and are prone to human error. Your website is a great way to keep your current and potential customers updated about:

–          Your location and directions

–          Your regular/holiday office hours

–          The range of your services

–          Current sales and specials

–          Your service areas

Be accessible

If you are a contractor, you might not even have an office. Running a business on the go could work for you, but might not be as convenient to your customers. A website serves as your online location, your home base. When you are not available to answer the phone, your website will provide an alternative way to contact you – through an email or by redirecting to your social media accounts.

Be trustworthy

If we put buying shoes and hiring a bathroom remodler on a commitment scale, I would say the latter requires more commitment. Shoes can be chosen quickly and easily returned, while your newly installed tub and tile are not really exchangeable. Services in general can’t be returned, reversed and are rarely refunded. That’s why when people buy a service, they want things done right the first time, and they want to trust you as a service provider. A website is a great opportunity to establish your credibility through testimonials, blogging, reviews, etc.

Get qualified leads

Do you ever get calls from people asking about the services you don’t provide in locations you don’t service? With a website you can minimize such calls. Prospects who find your number on your website also find accurate information about how exactly you can help them. You will be getting calls from people who don’t just inquire about your services, but are already considering hiring you.

Still in doubt about getting a website? Take us for example. We are a Maryland web design company with services ranging from creating custom websites to implementing SEO and online marketing campaigns. Yes, we are in the industry where you are expected to have a website, but we do see how our website benefits both us and our customers. We have also developed websites for landscapers, remodelers, waterproofers and other service businesses that have witnessed increase in leads and sales.