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What Is Responsive Mobile Website Design?

A responsive website adapts and re-sizes its layout for a variety of screen sizes including desktops, smartphones or tablet screen sizes to ensure visitors can easily navigate the website.

Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

Over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices (Source: Trinity Digital Marketing). More of your customers are browsing and purchasing online using their mobile devices. Navigating a website not optimized for mobile can be frustrating to visitors, causing them to exit your website with purchasing or inquiring about your services or products. Our responsive website designs are created with your customer in mind. We envision ourselves as your customer and adapt your website’s content and calls-to-action based what your mobile visitors need.

Responsive Web Design is Cost Efficient

A responsive website reduces time and cost because it is one site that is optimized for all viewing devices in comparison to building a separate mobile and desktop version of your website. Responsive web design also reduces maintenance costs and content inaccuracies because updates are needed for one website instead of 2 separate desktop and mobile versions.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Google recommends responsive web design. If Google recommends it, you can count on it being a ranking factor in their search results pages.

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