Convert your website visitors into leads

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Generate more leads from the website visitors your marketing efforts attract
  • Stop guessing and learn what on-page elements help conversion
  • Increase consumer trust through “credibility builders”

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

It might sound confusing and complicated, but it is in fact a very simple concept. The whole “optimization” part is about getting your website visitors (1) to stay longer on your site and (2) to contact you as a result. When they contact, they convert from visitors to leads: people who are interested in your product or service enough to seek more information about it. When you answer their questions and they are pleased with what they hear, you’ve got yourself new customers!

Conversion rate is a useful metric that helps evaluate performance of your website. At the end of the day, we want your website to generate you new customers, and we know how to design websites that convert. Moreover, we know how to measure conversion rate through various analytics and call tracking tools. This means you’ll get accurate data on how your website is doing its job.

Why you should monitor your conversion rate?

  1. To know how your website is performing and create a starting point for improvement
  2. To test different design layouts and determine which one brings better results
  3. To evaluate the ultimate success of your online marketing: the visitors could be coming to your website, but are they contacting you, engaging with the content, and purchasing your products or services?

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Improving conversion rate is the end goal of any business website. Here are a few tips about which web design elements may affect conversion.

When you are thinking about ideas for your website, keep in mind that everything you feature should have a meaning and a purpose. The part of a webpage visible to the visitor without scrolling down is called “above the fold.” Because most people don’t like to scroll, this is your most valuable online real estate, and you have to be very selective about what you want to feature there. Here are some of the techniques that work:

  • High-quality images appealing to visitors’ subconscious. Certain images and colors can direct people to certain behaviors and evoke certain moods.
  • A reasonable number of choices. People get lost when there are too many options to consider. Don’t overload the page with calls to actions, but instead pick a few that are most meaningful or most popular among your customers.
  • Showcase your product or service. Feature a picture, a video, or a slideshow that will clearly depict what you have to offer. Think about your website as a storefront: give something enticing to those window-shopping.
  • A clear value proposition. Customers won’t spend hours on your site figuring out what you do and why you do it better than others. Garb their attention instantly with a well-worded value proposition.
  • Aim for minimalism and simplicity. When people get confused, they tend to say “No” and you can’t afford that! We’ve worked hard to get those visitors come to your page, so let’s not scare them away with intricate navigation and link-heavy pages.