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Why Choose Us

  • We help businesses like yours acquire their ideal customers online using local online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Advertising and Social Media Marketing
  • No long-term contracts - we work with you on a month-to-month basis because we want our results to be the reason why you stay, not a contract.

Local SEO & Google Map Listings Placement

Increase your business’ visibility to local customers. We implement a local search engine campaign that helps you to rank well within Google’s local maps and search engine results pages.

Google AdWords

Quickly reach your ideal customers in a specific zip code or radius around your business.

Facebook Advertising

Acquire new local customers on Facebook using Facebook Ads

Results We've Achieved For Some of Our Clients

Bay Management Group

We launched a SEO campaign for this client and it quickly gained traction.  Here are the results:

  • We took them from poor search engine visibility to ranking on the 1st page of Google for over 110 keywords
  • We increased leads by 67.9% over 12 months
  • Company grew from a 1-man company in 2012 to having a staff of 60 (currently in 2017). Company is currently within the top 25 largest property management companies in Baltimore (according to Baltimore Business Journal).

The REI Success Makers

  • We advertised their local real estate investment workshop in September 2017 using Facebook Ads
  • In 3 weeks, we were able to get 1,223 people to register at only $8.43 per registrant (the industry average is $20-$30)

TLC HVAC Services

TLC came to us because they wanted more booked appointments and felt that they were paying too much to acquire a lead from their current marketing.

We redesigned their website landing pages and launched a new Google Adwords and SEO campaign.  Here are the results:

  • We helped them generate 88 additional leads per month
  • We Reduced their cost per lead by $305.73
  • We Converted 440% more of their website visitors into leads for their business

Woodfield Landscaping

  • Using Google AdWords, we generated 658 leads within 8 months (February – September 2017)
  • The average cost per lead was $35.05
  • The client’s average revenue per project is $40,000+


Brody Brothers Pest Control

  • We increased their monthly website leads by 3,250% in 12 months using Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords
  • Website converts over 33% of paid traffic into leads

Daily Boat Rentals

  • Within 6 months, we were able to increase monthly leads by 648% using Google Adwords.