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Search Engine Visibility With Search Engine Optimization

Why Choose Us

  • No long-term contracts - we work with you on a month-to-month basis because we want our results to be the reason why you stay, not a contract.
  • Unlike other companies, we research and optimize your website for keywords that are proven to drive quality prospects to your website that have a high probability of converting into leads and sales

Local SEO & Google Map Listings Placement

Increase your business’ visibility to local customers. We implement a local search engine campaign that helps you to rank well within Google’s local maps and search engine results pages.

Website Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website’s coding and content for your SEO campaign’s target keywords.  It’s important that your website’s content is SEO friendly but still engaging for your visitors.  It is counter-productive to rank well within the search engines but have your potential customers exit your website because of poorly written content that doesn’t communicate how you can help them.

Google-compliant SEO standards

Over the past 10 years, none of our clients’ have been penalized by Google.  Our SEO strategies follow all of Google’s guidelines regarding website coding, content and link building.

Website loading speeds

Google has made it clear that website page speed is a factor that affects SEO rankings. You can check your website loading times here – Our developers recode your website to ensure it loads as quickly as it can in both desktop and mobile devices.

Content marketing

Content is king when it comes to implementing an effective search engine optimization campaign. We focus on writing quality blogs and/or articles that not only help improve your visibility within the search engines but are engaging to your audience.

Link Building

We focus on earning quality links from relevant sites within your industry. We do not spam or use “black-hat” SEO tactics.

Results We've Achieved For Some of Our Clients

Brody Brothers Pest Control

We implemented a long-tail keyword SEO strategy where we targeted keyword phrases that were very specific to the client’s services.  This approach resulted in more qualified leads and fast business growth.

  • Using this SEO strategy we were able to increase their leads by 1,084% in 12 months
  • 53 keywords ranked within the top 3 listings of Google’s search results pages

Bay Management Group

  • We took them from not ranking at all to ranking on the first page of Google for over 110 keywords
  • Increased leads by 67.9% over 12 months
  • Company grew from a 1-man company in 2012 to having a staff of 60 (currently in 2017). Company is currently within the top 25 largest property management companies in Baltimore (according to Baltimore Business Journal).