There are millions on millions of people who are on some sort of social media network these days. Your 13 year old niece and your 80 year old grandma have a Facebook account. Interesting fact: The oldest Twitter user passed away a few days ago, and she was 104 years old. So let’s face facts, most people are using social network sites.

This is exactly why companies take advantage of these sites. Now if you’re a young entrepreneur or a small business owner, you may be thinking, “Duh, I know that, I already have a Facebook page and post feeds about my company. I’m good to go.”


Simply having a Facebook page will not cut it in the social networking world, for various reasons. First off, there are hundreds of social networking sites from Twitter, Linked-in, Tumblr, Digg, Youtube, etc. Being on just one social network site cuts yourself short because there are more options to explore. Sometimes people forget the purpose of social networking sites. It’s to be SOCIAL! For companies this means to interact with people and learn more about each other, just like any other relationship (friendships, marriage, girlfriend, friends with benefits, whatever). Now please don’t misinterpret me here and go telling everyone on your social media network to check out your small business. No. People are people. You know how I just said interact with people like you would with any other relationship? Do that. Make conversation with people. Interact. Once you make a new friend (yay!), you have gained their trust and can tell them about your stellar company.

Don’t go shooting in the dark though. Have a strategy in mind when using social media. It’s a complete waste of time if you use social media because “everyone else is doing.” If you are using it to generate revenue, have a plan to capture your leads, such as by leading them to sign up for a newsletter where you can give them information on your company and content that pertains to it.

Now another step to having great social network sites is to have a great presentation. Ever heard of LGPG in sports? Look Good, Play Good. If you know your site looks good and looks presentable, nothing can stop you from telling people to come to your site, it looks great! For example, on Facebook, if you have a nice “landing page” you have a chance to give them incentives within that landing page. For instance, “Like us and receive a free appetizer at Marley’s Sub Shop!” It gives them a reason to like your page and continue coming back.

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