So you’ve determined what keywords your business needs to appear for in the search results. As you strategically place them throughout your website, be careful not to overdo! Stuffing your content with too many keywords can work against your search engine rankings. The optimal keyword density is 2-5%, which means you should only use 2 to 5 keyword phrases per page containing 100 words. It is easy to overlook or overindulge in placing keywords throughout your copy, especially if you are creating new content daily. Use the Wordle tool to get an idea where you stand with your keyword usage.

As their website explains, “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.” Basically, this tool can collect the words from any document or website and arrange them in a “cloud.”  Wordle then determines and reports the most frequently used words in the form of an image. The more a certain word is used, the larger it appears within the “cloud”.

How do you make a Wordle?

That’s easy: go to the Wordle website and click “create.” You can choose whether to paste your own text or provide an URL of a web page with Atom or RSS feed. Here are a few feeds you can use:

1. Blog

Word cloud of PDR Web Solutions' blogThis is a Wordle of our blog. For some reason, it gives more weight to the most recent content, so you can try using the category URL to get a more objective picture. Use it to track your keyword use, get ideas for new keywords, or just for fun!

2. Homepage

Word cloud of PDR Web Solutions' homepageAs you can see, our home page Wordle reflects the essence of our business, which is to become your STRATEGIC partner in achieving your goals, whether it is MARKETING, seo, WEB DESIGN or leads generation.

3. Facebook

Word cloud of PDR Web Solutions' Facebook pageFacebook business pages do get indexed by search engines, so make sure your page shows up for the right keywords. Facebook page Wordle will also give you an idea whether you are sending out consistent messages.

4. Twitter

Word cloud of PDR Web Solutions' Twitter streamMaking a Twitter Wordle is a bit tricky, because the URL of your Twitter stream doesn’t contain a feed. In this case, you can use TweetStats.  Enter your username and after the statistics load, chose a “tweet cloud” in the menu. If you don’t like the design, you can import it into Wordle with one click.

Of course, you can’t fully rely on Wordle in formulating and adjusting your SEO strategy. Only its creators know how words are chosen and how much source text Wordle actually uses from a web page. It’s a fun tool with some useful features, but it’s no substitute for professional keyword tracking software. Try it out, and if turns out you are not targeting the correct keyword phrases for your business, then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!