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Remember when marketing used to be easy?

All you had to do was purchase an ad in the local phone book or magazine and leads would start pouring in.  Companies would change their name to start with the letter “a” or number “1” so that they could appear first in their industry’s list.

That was only 10 years ago.  Now (what seems like overnight) everything has changed.

Every business knows that they MUST have some sort of online marketing strategy in order to generate more leads and sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, remarketing, email marketing and social media marketing are just a few of the buzzwords floating around.

You get emails every day from a different person claiming they can guarantee you the #1 position in Google for your industry’s keywords.


It’s annoying.  I completely understand because I get the same emails as well.

If every business owner knows they should be marketing their business online, then why do they still struggle in hitting their leads and sales goals?

Tommy, our now client, came to us in 2014 because he needed us to maintain his company’s websites (he has 5 of them).

Their previous website designer (who worked out of his basement) charged Tommy $10,000 to develop the 5 websites.

Here is the frustrating part….

The “website designer” purchased a $30 template online and pasted the content provided by Tommy into the templates.  Absolutely zero custom work was done.

It really upsets me when someone who has no skill or proper training provides subpar service.  The client typically ends up the loser.

The websites looked and performed terribly.  They took too long to load and would break every few days because it was poorly developed.

I pleaded to Tommy and his department managers… “PLEASE let us redesign these websites”.

To add fuel to this fiery disaster, Tommy used a SEO company (again, another person working out of her basement) to help increase his company’s organic visibility within search engines.  The SEO company didn’t know how to make changes to the website and requested a web developer make the changes for them.

No different from their website, their search engine optimization (SEO) campaign didn’t perform well either. They didn’t rank well within the search engines and organic website traffic and leads were dismal.

What a disaster!

Tommy was absolutely frustrated with his marketing.  His business had been around for 20 years and he wanted to continue growing his company, but his current marketing strategy did not allow him to.

The problem is… his marketing was severely broken.

A machine has several moving parts that work together to accomplish a task.  Marketing online is very similar.  The best results come from a marketing strategy where your website, SEO, Google Adwords, social media, etc., all work harmoniously together.

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Ok back to Tommy…

Four months after maintaining his company websites, he finally asked me if there was anything I could do to help.  I already pointed out areas of concern with his websites and online marketing, but now he was finally ready to do something about it.

He wanted one company that could work alongside his business to manage their marketing and be responsible for reaching the company’s target number of leads each month.

I evaluated their entire online presence and marketing.

Here is a summary of what I found…

  • SEO was barely done to any of the websites (although they paid to have this done).
  • Their Google Adwords campaign was under budgeted and bidding for the wrong keywords.
  • All 5 websites needed to be redesigned.
  • They had no social media presence.

I flew down to Florida in November 2014 to meet with Tommy and his department managers for 2 days (which I loved because I’ll trade 30 degree Maryland weather for 70 degrees in Florida any day!).

Over the course of those 2 days, I explained to Tommy and his team what was currently happening with their marketing, what needed to be improved and the strategy to accomplish their lead/sales goals.

I’ll never forget what Tommy said to me my last few mins at this company’s conference room table…

“Jonathan, I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, this is the FIRST time we understand online marketing”.

Wow… his comment definitely made me smile.

I flew back to Maryland and my team and I went straight to work.

Here is a summary of what we did:

  • Redesigned all 5 of their websites
  • Rebuilt their Google Adwords campaign and sent visitors to landing pages optimized to convert visitors into leads.
  • Optimized their site for SEO and started a content marketing campaign.
  • Harnessed the power of social media to help with SEO.
  • Created sales funnels to target their ideal customer and nurture them from prospects into leads

Here’s what happened over the year…

monthly leads performance

We increased leads by over 166%

Midway through the year Tommy called me and said “Jonathan, I know what you’re doing is working because this is the busiest we’ve EVER been in over 20 years“.

My team and I were proud to hear that our efforts made such a significant difference.

I know what you’re thinking… it must have been SEO that made the difference, or Google Adwords, or social media, etc.

Nope that’s not it.

That’s the mistake most businesses make.  That is why they struggle to generate the leads and sales they really want.

It’s possible you’re making the same mistake…

I’ll explain in detail what really made the difference for Tommy’s company in my upcoming webinar.
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